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Culture is such a strong word and can lead to a lot of questions. We are asked how you know if you have a strong culture. Is your culture by design or default? How do you measure the engagement of the culture? All of the questions over the years have helped strengthen our culture through our values and purpose. We enjoy it when someone new walks through the plant and responds with, “The culture is so prevalent and noticeable.” The tricky part for a leader is to recognize it since you are actively involved with the culture on a second by second basis. We can do surveys, polls, and lead measurements for engagement, but when you have a crisis is when you find out how strong your culture is.Recently as a leader, I addressed the other HPC employee-owners and humbly shared that I had been only able to give them 10% with all of the external and internal circumstances that were happening around us. The address was not intended to be identified as a victim, but a request knowing the HPC family would pick up the other 90% I was missing. Not only did the HPC employee-owners take on the 90% they also rebuilt me with words of encouragement and support. The written notes, cards, and gifts have been fuel for me along with even greater dedication, appreciation, and love for all of the HPC family. I am genuinely thankful for every person who has chosen to be part of our family. The next time someone asks me how we gauge our culture or how it is defined, I can point at the picture and tell this great story.
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