Hansen Plastics Corporation

100% employee-owned, our team members are also our stakeholders, and we hang our hats on a collective “can-do” attitude.

To us it’s more than simply a job, it’s a career – and it’s our purpose. Respect and trust are at the heart of every single employee-owner because we all have a personal stake invested in Hansen Plastics. If you are looking for plastic injection molding companies in Illinois that are committed to building long-term relationships that lead to success then turn to us! Serving several markets, HPC offers manufacturing and design to fit a variety of needs. With over 70 molding presses equipping our multi-faceted value stream mapping process, Hansen Plastics Corporation is a cutting-edge pioneer in the plastics industry.

As employee owners of HPC, our mission is to provide the highest quality injection-molding products and services to a diversified customer base, ensuring customer satisfaction and assuring our company’s continued profitable growth, thereby enhancing each Employee Owner’s personal investment. Our plastic manufacturers in Illinois will be there for you.

Insert Molding
Insert Molding

Multi-Material Handling
Multi-Material Handling
Decoupled Molding
Decoupled Molding

In 1998, Hansen Plastics Corporation made the strategic change to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Every one of our employee owners executes passion with purpose which makes HPC the company it is today. Our positive visions motivate all stakeholders and partners to the point where success breeds success…

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