For more than 50 years Hansen Plastics Corporation has delivered numerous products to a vast customer base.

Some of HPC's Employee Owners, 2019
Some of HPC’s Employee Owners, 2019

100% employee-owned, our team members are also our stakeholders, so we hang our hats on a collective “can-do” attitude. To us it’s more than simply a job, it’s a career – and it’s our purpose. Respect and trust are at the heart of every employee-owner because we all have a personal stake in Hansen Plastics.

We are committed to building long-term relationships that lead to success. Serving several markets, Hansen Plastics Corporation offers manufacturing and design to fit a variety of needs. With over 70 molding presses equipping our multi-faceted value streams, HPC is a cutting-edge pioneer in the plastics industry.

Our ongoing commitment to technology and lean manufacturing drives our success in the global marketplace. At Hansen Plastics Corporation, we are devoted to our value stream. Our value stream leaders carry projects from start to finish, every step of the way while still emphasizing the importance of precision and care every day.


Founded 1971 in Elgin, Illinois, HPC has an embedded tradition of “do it right the first time”. This is a motto that continues to drive our employee-owners today. HPC began to make the switch to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan in 1991, becoming a 100% employee-owned company by 1998. Our founder, Elmer Hansen, sits on the board to this day and continues to exercise the values Hansen Plastics was built on. Our philosophy of conservatism and diligence by reinvesting in our business and workforce has transformed HPC into a 100% employee owned company, with key management topping 30 years of service. Traditions, disciplines, attitudes, teamwork, and technology have led to growth and expansion at HPC.

HPC's Employee Owners, circa 1992
HPC’s Employee Owners, circa 1992

ESOP - HPC is an Employee Owned corporation

Employee Owned

By 1998, Hansen Plastics Corporation made the strategic change to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Every one of our employee owners executes passion with purpose which makes HPC the company it is today. Our positive vision motivates all stakeholders and partners to the point where success breeds success. Employee ownership gives our employees a reason to embrace our company culture and take ownership of their workplace, ensuring that the HPC values are at the heart of every team member.

Being 100% employee-owned gives HPC a distinct advantage over the competition. Our employee-owners have not just bought the company; they have fully bought into the founding idea of providing a myriad of products and services to a diversified customer base. Employees on all levels of the organization work with the mindset of an owner everyday. Because of this, we know our company is operating in the most efficient and reliable manner possible.


Our mission, as employee-owners of HPC, is to provide the highest quality injection molded products and services to a diverse client base, ensuring customer satisfaction, trusting relationships, and sustainable, profitable growth.

HPC's Mission
HPC Cares - Giving back to our community

HPC Cares

The employee owners of HPC are grateful to be part of the Elgin, Illinois community, so we want to give back. Founded in 2018, HPC Cares is a committee of HPC employee owners who came together to find or organize charity event opportunities in the Elgin area.

HPC employee owners have donated food and household goods for drives to benefit various organizations, participated in the Salvation Army Bell ringing day, and contributed to 50/50 raffles, with 50% of proceeds to benefit the featured organization, just to name a few of the community charity activities in which HPC has participated.

For more information on some of the various charities HPC supports, please visit their websites: