Injection molding is critical to the country’s transportation industry. Whether you manufacture big rigs for trucking companies, or are responsible for ensuring the proper operation of an entire subway system, plastic’s role cannot be understated. Hansen Plastics is a leading supplier of plastic components and parts that the US transportation industry utilizes every day.  

Since the 1950s, plastic has found its way into virtually every car, truck, bus, train car, airplane, and boat manufactured. In fact, you can find it in dozens of applications. For instance, of the most common plastic components include: 

  • Door, wall, and ceiling panels in various modes of transportation;
  • Dashboard surrounds in cars and trucks;
  • Seat assemblies, including headrests, armrests, and seat movement control panels;
  • Bulkhead components in ships and airplanes; and
  • Displays, luggage racks, bumpers, safety screens, windows and window shrouds, and more. 

Why Choose Plastic?

Plastic is a leading choice for many of the components listed above for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the US Department of Transportation sets forth rules and guidelines regarding flammability. As a result of these regulations, everything from a city bus to a big rig truck must meet these unique guidelines. Plastic is one of the only materials that can be processed in a way that it meets or exceeds guidelines. 

In addition, plastic can be as much as 30% lighter than even fiberglass, therefore resulting in improved fuel mileage. With injection molding, such as the processes provided by Hansen Plastics, it is possible to create complex shapes that may be difficult with other materials. Colored and textured plastic that is both chemical and stain resistant is ideal for aesthetic purposes, particularly in public transportation.

Why Should You Choose Hansen Plastics?

Hansen Plastics is proud to offer a wide variety of components and materials for the transportation industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to fulfill our clients’ orders quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. No matter the size, number, or complexity of the components our clients need, we are dedicated to quality customer service, fast turnaround times, and flexibility to help them complete their projects in a timely manner without exceeding their budgets. 

Our years of experience, unique value stream process, and wide variety of services including things like decoration, part finishing, assembly, and various other secondary services make us the premier provider of plastic components in not only the transportation industry, but in many others, as well. 

To learn more about Hansen Plastics and our unique approach to providing our clients with incredible value, please continue to browse our website. For information about your own transportation-related projects, please call us at (847) 741-4510 or click below to reach us through our Contact Us page.