HPC provides plastic injection molded parts to leaders in the Agriculture Industry

Plastics have been used in the agriculture industry since the 1940s.  Plastic was originally used as a durable and cost-effective replacement for glass in greenhouses and tunnel siding. The use of plastics has grown exponentially in the agriculture industry. It is now used for many functions in farming including containers for seedlings and fertilizer, etc., and even mulch.

Precision planters used in the agriculture industry use injection molded plastic parts

Plastics in Agriculture Science

Many people think of agriculture and farming as an unscientific practice, simply a matter of sowing fields and planting seeds.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Agronomy is a holistic, integrated approach to agriculture, taking into account crop and soil science as well as ecology.

For example, when planting and harvesting crops, especially in large quantities, you want to be sure you get the highest yield possible, and at the same time. Plastic parts are instrumental in many of the devices and tools used to ensure what is known as consistent emergence.

The systems developed for modern day farming and agriculture require the use of machines and devices that test and monitor the soil, remove debris from the seed prior to planting, positioning the seed so that it is planted at the proper position and depth for optimal growth, etc.  The components used in these machines and devices are often injection molded plastic parts.

Why Choose HPC?

HPC has been a plastics manufacturer for agriculture parts for over a decade and is therefore accustomed to meeting the specifications and tolerances needed for parts that measure the science behind farming. Contact a Hansen Plastics employee owner today to learn more about what HPC can do for you.