HPC is proud to manufacture components that save lives on a day-to-day basis for the life safety industry.

HPC provides components for the life safety industry

Plastic has been a crucial material in the life safety industry since the 1950s. It is incredibly versatile and can be used to create numerous pieces of equipment. This includes everything from safety goggles to riot shields and even medical devices and PPE.  Injection molding is one of the manufacturing processes utilized to create many of the parts used in life safety equipment.

When you think of life safety, you may think of an orange lifejacket or a lifeguard sitting by the pool. However, life safety goes much deeper than this. Much of the gear and equipment utilized every day to protect firefighters, police officers have plastic components. Professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers in their home workshops use safety tools with plastic parts. Even the average person going about the day, encounters numerous plastic parts that lend to their ability to provide protection.

Types of Lifesaving Gear Made with Plastic Components

  • Clips and Connectors – Things like child safety seats and even electrical technician’s safety harnesses – equipment that keep them safe in the event of an accident – are made from a wide variety of materials. However, the clips and connectors are often made from durable plastic. These pieces are lightweight and strong, making them perfect for use in these applications.
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Almost everyone has smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their homes, and these are also made from durable molded plastic. The lightweight material allows these gadgets to fit securely against a wall without anchoring. This makes them incredibly easy to install and use.
  • Alarms and Similar Devices – Alarms play an important role in protecting both lives and property. Many of these are designed to be portable or even buoyant when used out in the open water. Plastic provides these features without compromising durability.
  • Personal Protection – Today, many people across the nation and the world carry things like pepper spray or whistles for personal safety. Often, pepper spray comes inside a plastic holder that attaches securely to a keyring, which keeps it accessible.
  • Security Systems – Security system technology has improved a great deal over the last few decades and it has become more affordable. As such, people all around the world install security systems in their homes to protect their lives and assets. These cameras, sensors, and even high-tech doorbells all require a variety of plastic parts for their buttons, housings, and more.

Choose Hansen Plastics for your Plastic Injection Molding Needs

You need to be able to rely on the plastic components you use, especially when you are creating equipment designed to save lives. Those components must also meet very precise guidelines in terms of durability, flexibility, size, temperature resistance, impact resistance, and more. At HPC, we have designed our state-of-the-art plastic injection molding facility in such a way to comply with these precise guidelines. We do both quickly and affordably, helping you to stay on schedule and on budget.  

To learn more about how our team can provide you with quality plastic components and equipment for the life safety industry please visit our Contact Us page.