September 28, 2020

Hansen Plastics WIGs Out for Their Fiscal Year Kick-Off Celebration


In today’s world with Covid-19, so many events and celebrations that would normally fill our lives have been postponed.  Hansen Plastics Corporation’s Fiscal Year and WIG Kick-Off Celebration is no exception.

During their 2020 fiscal year kick-off luncheon in April 2019, HPC’s employee-owners were introduced to 4DX, The Four Disciplines of Execution. As a lean manufacturer, HPC has a deep commitment to continuous improvement, and the 4DX method is a proven way to set lofty but achievable goals for your organization and see them through to completion, as set forth in the book, The Four Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney, Jim Huling, and Sean Covey.  (

4DX is a proven set of practices that have been tested and refined over many years by hundreds of organizations. It helps your team to focus on the “Wildly Important Goal” (WIG) and to ignore the whirlwind of their everyday jobs while working on the wildly important.  A company’s goal is split into sub-WIGs and teams are assembled and work together to achieve that smaller goal, which will in turn, achieve the company wide WIG. 

While not only an effective tactic in achieving the goals set forth as a company, HPC has found employing 4DX practices has had a team building effect among its’ employee owners.  Teams are comprised of people who may not normally work together on a day-to-day basis. The weekly WIG team meetings give people the opportunity to work and collaborate with fellow employee owners they may otherwise not get the chance to work with.  This helps to foster a deep seeded commitment to each of their fellow employee owners which they in turn pass along to their valued customers.

Top leadership and other employee owners have worked together to create an in-person and video hybrid celebration which will introduce or provide a review of 4DX to all HPC employee owners, while also introducing the WIG teams and with some inspirational words and laughs along the way.

Though their 2021 Fiscal Year and WIG Kick-Off Celebration will look quite different from last year’s, the employee owners of Hansen Plastics and are excited to celebrate the start of another fiscal year at HPC!