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January 16, 2023

Why Are Plastics Used in the Automotive Industry?

High-quality automotive injection molding suppliers stay busy. Automotive injection molding suppliers provide the automotive industry with the plastic molded parts that they need for their production assembly. You may not realize it, but these suppliers are critical to the automotive industry. Here’s why plastic is used in car manufacturing.

Lightens the Load

Plastic automotive parts help to keep vehicles lighter. Lighter vehicles get better gas mileage because they perform with less “weight drag.” It’s estimated that for every 10% of parts that are plastic instead of metal, a vehicles gains 8% in fuel efficiency.

Making vehicles weigh less by using plastic parts is especially important for electric vehicles. The added weight of batteries and other equipment can be offset by plastic parts.


There are design features that you can get with plastics and polymers that you can’t get with metal parts. Automotive injection molding suppliers can create custom parts that would be very difficult to achieve with other materials like metal.

Molded plastics can improve design features at a reduced cost as well. Plastics provide more options for less money.

Enhanced Performance

Plastic parts are featured in every type of performance vehicle because of their reliability and durability. Lightweight parts can help to improve overall performance on both hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. The ease of aftermarket replacement is also improved by plastic parts.

These parts require less assembly line time, making them readily available. With automotive injection molding suppliers, you don’t run into the same supply chain log jam that you do with metal works suppliers. Access to raw materials isn’t an issue with plastics.

Safety Enhancements

Plastics help to make vehicles safer. They’re used in a wide range of safety features, from exterior lighting to constraints and more. Plastics are making improved safety systems a possibility. This is one of the many reasons why car manufacturers are turning to plastic parts as a major part of their vehicle design. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2027, the injection molded plastic market will have a $385 billion value, according to Car and Driver.

Reliable automotive injection molding suppliers play a critical role in the global automotive industry. Contact Hansen Plastics today to learn more about how plastics are improving vehicles and how you can get in on the movement.