plastics in agriculture science

January 3, 2023

3 Ways Plastics Are Used in the Agriculture Industry

The agricultural industry has relied on the use of plastics dating back to the 1940s and carrying through to today. In fact, the utilization of plastics in agriculture science has allowed consumers to enjoy a wider range of farm products that have a longer season of availability. These three ways that illustrate the use of plastics in agriculture science are just the beginning of how this material can make consumers’ lives better.

1. Storage of Grain and Livestock Feed

Hay and feed bales need to be stored somewhere, and the use of plastic silage is an effective way to do so. This plastic covering is lightweight and provides protection for any hay or feed that is left outside year-round. Another great benefit of using silage is its lightweight nature. This allows the stored grain and feed to be moved from location to location with ease. Don’t worry about having to build pole barns or pay to store your hay and feed at an off-site storage facility. Keep it where you need it by wrapping it in silage.

2. More Efficient Irrigation Methods

As water usage becomes a greater concern for ranchers and farmers, it’s important to use the most efficient irrigation techniques. The use of plastic reservoirs within an irrigation system ensures that water goes where it is needed. This efficiency helps to cut down on water use and cost while ensuring that crops and plants are getting the water they need to grow.

3. Protecting Crops from Insects and Foul Weather

Once your produce and crops are up and growing, they still require protection. Plastic tunnels that are installed above the crops allow them to grow while also providing the protection they need from foul weather and insects. Typical crops that are grown in this manner include asparagus, strawberries, and watermelon. Any crop that grows low to the ground can benefit from the low plastic tunnels that are placed over them during the growing season.

There’s no doubt about the important role that is played by plastics in agriculture science. In fact, innovations in the use of plastics in agriculture science have allowed farmers and ranchers to enjoy these benefits while acquiring cost savings as well. If you want to learn more about how the use of plastics on your farm or ranch can help improve efficiency, contact us today at Hansen Plastics to request a quote.