custom plastics

November 22, 2022

4 Ways Plastic Parts are Changing the Construction Industry

Custom plastics are changing the construction industry for the better. They are being used to fulfill a wide range of construction needs. Here are four ways custom plastic parts are changing the construction industry today.

1. It’s Changing Finish Work

One of the many things construction companies had to spend extra time doing was to finish off wood and metal parts. Both wood and metal parts require an additional coating to give the building a “finished” look. Plastic parts come in a range of colors and do not require any additional “finish” coat. They are installed as is and add a great aesthetic.

2. Its Improving Resistance and Longevity

Corrosion and rot are the enemies of any construction company. Metal and wood construction materials will rot and corrode as they age. Special treatment steps need to be taken at an additional cost to prevent the deterioration of metal and wood parts. Plastic parts do not need to be treated to be corrosion and rot-resistant. Plastic does not fall prey to rot or corrosion. Some plastics can withstand high levels of corrosive chemicals and keep their shape. Plastic can outlast both wood parts and metal parts by many years. Construction companies that are using plastic parts are saving time and money and improving customer satisfaction over the long haul.

3. Less Weight with the Same Durability

Plastic parts can keep construction costs down. Plastic parts offer high levels of durability compared to wood and metal at a fraction of the weight of the raw material. Less weight means lower supply costs for shipping and less difficulty installing. Plastic parts are making it easier for construction companies to manage construction. Less weight also means less risk of injury to laborers that are tasked with moving supplies.

4. Its Changing Insulation Efficiency

Plastic is an ideal insulator. Construction companies are finding the best value in plastic insulation. It is safer to use in the home and can be made to be fire-resistant. Construction companies are saving on costs and saving on labor by using plastic insulation.

According to statistics, in construction, plastic can be used as insulation, transformed into walls and pipes, and manufactured into windows and doors that offer incredible insulating properties. Learn more about custom plastics and how they can improve your construction business by contacting Hansen Plastics today.