Terry - Hansen Plastics

October 15, 2020

Association of Manufacturing Excellence Elects Hansen Plastics’ Terry Spalding as President of their Midwest Region Board of Directors

October 15, 2020 – Elgin, IL — Less than a year after being named a member, Terry Spalding, Continuous Improvement Specialist at Hansen Plastics Corporation, has been elected President of the Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Midwest Region.

Terry has over 35 years’ experience in various manufacturing roles from team leader to VP of Operations. In the 80’s, he was trained on the Toyota Production System (TPS) at the Denso World Headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. Terry has continued to work with various Japanese organizations, as well as various peers and successful lean managers, to further his knowledge of TPS tools and methods.

His knowledge and experience allowed him to become a promoter for lean manufacturing for a wide variety of companies. Since his time in Japan, Spalding has been named a Shingo Prize Team Leader Emeritus, and he continues to work as a Research Examiner for Utah State University-sponsored Shingo Institute. He spends his time certifying not only reference materials but also companies spanning the globe and competing for the coveted Shingo Institute Prize.

With Terry’s knowledge and leadership, Hansen Plastics has become known for setting examples in lean, value-driven manufacturing at the national level. Terry works alongside the team at Hansen Plastics as their Lean Champion and Continuous Improvement specialist. His expert knowledge of Kaizen tools allows him the opportunity to train Hansen Plastics’ employees in the best lean manufacturing practices. As always, his goal is to help the company learn and live those lean principles so that each member of the employee-owned company sees not only a better working environment but also more earnings and a better overall sense of accomplishment.

To learn more about Hansen Plastics and their expert approach to lean manufacturing, feel free to visit their website or contact them at (847)741-0253.

About Terry Spalding: Terry Spalding is a manufacturing professional with more than 35 years of experience in lean manufacturing operations leadership. His experience spans from leading and coaching operations that are responsible for generating incredible revenue streams, supporting executive management in their strategy development endeavors, and providing insight and strategy for mergers and acquisitions. Spalding is also known for developing metrics that truly work for individual businesses without taking away from the importance of TPS practices.

About Hansen Plastics: Hansen Plastics is an employee-owned company in Elgin, IL that focuses on injection molding manufacturing and design that fits the needs of dozens of clients. The company utilizes a multifaceted value stream mapping process that makes them one of the leading pioneers and trendsetters in the plastics industry. Their success in the industry is driven by their commitments to lean manufacturing and new technology.