April 3, 2020

Chicago-Area Company, Hansen Plastics, Chosen to Lead Tours during the 2019 AME Chicago International Conference

For companies in the manufacturing sector, being selected to provide tours of their facilities during the AME Chicago International Conference is an incredible honor. Hansen Plastics, a Chicagoland custom injection molding company, has been selected to provide a tour during the 2019 event.

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence, or AME, hosts an annual conference each year that focuses on the latest and greatest technologies and innovations, including those that are expected to help push the manufacturing industry forward in future years. During the annual conference, attendees will have the option to tour various local facilities to see these new innovations, technologies, and methodologies.

For 2019, the team at Hansen Plastics is thrilled to announce that it has been selected to provide a tour of its facility to conference attendees and looks forward to doing so with a great deal of enthusiasm. The company is one of only about 20 selected to provide these tours during the conference. Each tour will last roughly three to five hours and will be led by Hansen Plastics Employee Owners who will explain the company’s lean manufacturing standards and dedication to innovation.

The AME, which is a not-for-profit organization led entirely by volunteers who work to provide resources for continuous industry improvement, chose Hansen Plastics due in part to the company’s dedication to improving lean manufacturing principles. The AME also chose Hansen Plastics for its unique approach to solving problems within the manufacturing sector, for promoting learning throughout each department, and for working toward organizational improvement. 

The theme for the 2019 Conference is “Leading on the Edge,” and Hansen Plastics was a perfect fit. The company is well-known throughout the local area for always remaining on the forefront of innovation and leadership, and many of the people responsible for the company’s success – including the employees on the production floor – have been lauded for thinking outside the box. Hansen Plastics has truly moved away from traditional management and instead moved toward fostering an environment of collaboration, development, and a culture of caring in the workplace.

To learn more about the 2019 AME Chicago International Conference, you can visit the AME’s website. To learn more about Hansen Plastics, visit their website or contact them at (847)741-4510 or at

About Hansen Plastics: Hansen Plastics is a 100% employee-owned company focused on injection molding manufacturing. The company is well known throughout both the Chicago area and the nation for its innovation in lean manufacturing and focus on a culture of caring for people within the workplace. The company has more than 40 years of experience and commits itself to building long-term relationships with its clients. About the AME: The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is a nonprofit, volunteer-led organization, strives to provide companies in the manufacturing industry all across the nation with access to the best possible resources and materials to improve and innovate the industry. By educating even smaller companies, it is possible for the AME to improve the workplace for everyone involved and celebrate continuous improvement.