November 25, 2020

How High Production with Injection Molding Means Better Value

The purpose of plastic injection molding is to provide consistent products and parts on large scales. This means, comparatively, the cost for starting production on parts using plastic injection molding can seem daunting compared to comparative services, such as 3D printing. However, because of how injection molding works, the higher up-front costs end up being a greater value to customers, for the following reasons:

Cost over production time

The higher upfront cost for plastic injection molding generally comes from the creation of the initial mold for the part. From design, to prototyping, to fabrication, the process is highly detailed, involved, and meticulous to create a mold capable of standing up to the rigors of thousands of production runs. This initial investment is necessary when considering the nature of parts produced from injection molding versus 3D printing. 3D printed parts typically see limited runs in the hundreds, as these parts are also generally less detailed and more suited to smaller batches for prototyping. Parts produced by injection molding are able to be comparatively more complex, with the intent to produce detailed prototypes en masse, or create finished parts able to be immediately used in their desired application. Being able to mold the part and prototype quickly, from quality material, and being able to use those parts without additional manufacturing steps, will end up saving money in overall production runs.


The most invaluable resource available, producing at higher volumes using plastic injection molding saves significant time compared to other manufacturing processes. Able to be reduced to anywhere from several seconds to a few minutes, the plastic injection molding process is an exceptionally fast way to produce units at scale. With additional methods of measuring and tweaking the molding process as it takes place — such as through Hansen Plastic’s Decoupled MoldingSM process — the plastic injection molding process is able to guarantee units that fall within compliance perimeters with fewer produced defects, not only ensuring quality, but reducing time needed to replace defect parts.

All told, plastic injection molding provides greater peace of mind, faster production runs, a higher level of quality, and a greater return on investment on products with larger production runs, all of which translate to a higher level of value for customers. At Hansen Plastics, there is a steadfast commitment to the customer as part of HPC’s overall mission to providing the highest quality injection molded products to a diverse range of customers, ensuring satisfaction, trusting relationships, and sustainable, profitable growth. These are values held by each employee-owner of HPC, dedicated to providing the highest level of value to all customers. For over 40 years, Hansen Plastics has been committed to building long-lasting relationships, which requires unwavering dedication to quality and consistency in injection molding, to help establish and retain trust with all HPC customers. If you are looking for a trusted, experienced plastic injection molder to handle your products, reach out to HPC today, or visit for a full view of Hansen Plastic’s capabilities.