April 9, 2021

HPC Announces 2nd Quarter Selfless Service Award

Hansen Plastics Corporation (HPC) is very proud to announce the winner of the Selfless Service Award for the 2nd Quarter of 2021.

Hansen Plastics Corporation (HPC) not only prides itself on manufacturing quality injection molded parts paired with excellent customer service, they are also dedicated to fostering a culture that encourages caring, compassion and service to all their employee-owners encounter, whether at work or in their daily lives.

It is in this sprit that HPC has instituted The Selfless Spirit Award, an award that will be given out each quarter, based on nominations submitted by the fellow employee owners of those entered. Reasons for nominations include how the person they’re nominating provided comfort and care to others, how they provided social freedom to others, impact society in a positive way, or helped empower them or others.

The 6 nominees for the 2021 Q2 HPC Selfless Service Award were nominated for selfless service, providing comfort and care, helping others develop confidence, positive impact on society and impacting someone economically. 

The winner of the Hansen Plastics Corporation Selfless Service Award is Mario Zamora, who was also nominated for the 1st HPC Selfless Service Award.  Mario has been a HPC employee-owner for 11 years this coming July.  “I am so grateful people look to me for guidance and allow me to put my five cents in and to help them out,” Mario says. “I do this all from the bottom of my heart, I love helping people.  And these people here at HPC, I am so grateful to be working at Hansen.  It’s like all of us belong to each other. And that’s why we will continue to grow and be successful”.

Nominations for next quarter’s Selfless Service Award are already underway.