Hansen Plastics

December 30, 2019

Manufacturers Association For Plastics Processors Interview Tim Bayer as MAPP Champion

December 1, 2019 – Elgin, IL – The Hansen Plastics Corporation (HPC) spends a lot of time in the spotlight, either giving tours of their state-of-the-art injection molding facility or talking about their unique and productive employee-owned company. Most recently, HPC’s President, Tim Bayer, was named a MAPP Champion by the Manufacturer’s Association of Plastic Processors.

As a Champion, Bayer now has the honor of presenting at the organization’s numerous conferences, and he did just that at the MAPP Benchmarking & Best Practices Conferences in early October. During the interview following his naming as MAPP Champion, Bayer answered not only questions about his company and its relationship with MAPP, but also about his own personal preferences and views.

Hansen Plastics Corporation is dedicated to offering fast, efficient, and high-quality injection-molded plastic products and services to a very diverse list of clients. Through unique processes allowing their customers to determine how Hansen Plastics Corporation can be of value and the incredibly beneficial Value Stream Process that has helped the company expand its services into 26 different industries in numerous markets, they are one of the nation’s most recognized facilities.

The Manufacturer’s Association for Plastics Processors, or MAPP, is managed by a variety of industry leaders and was created to help plastics manufacturers and processes remain competitive in a highly influential and ever-changing industry. MAPP regularly meets with those who work every day in the plastics industry to not only keep up with new trends but also to gather relevant data to help its members set new trends.

During the presentation Bayer gave at the MAPP Benchmarking & Best Practices Conference, Bayer focused on some of HPC’s best practices in creating and maintaining a lean workplace. He discussed how the philosophies behind lean manufacturing can completely transform the business of any size, but only when the employees feel as if lean manufacturing benefits them in some way. Bayer presented alongside Don Williams and Brian Zutman of PTA Plastics to discuss how they were successful in implementing lean philosophies and how their profits and cultures have both changed for the better in the process.

In his MAPP interview, Bayer revealed that he became interested in plastics during a hands-on program at ISU and appreciates his role as President of the Hansen Plastics Corporation due to the interaction and coaching he provides almost daily. His proudest moment was when the company was chosen as a tour site for the Association for Manufacturing Excellence or AME, and he is well-known among his colleagues for pushing ideas and data forward while always remaining reasonable and fair.

Bayer sees success as recognition; each employee at HPC is also part owner, and when employees are recognized by their peers and colleagues, this is the best form of success. He says MAPP networking is one of the biggest benefits the organization has to offer, and the group’s amazing sense of selflessness creates some of the most valuable interactions in the industry.

Bayer is currently reading The Servant, Everybody Matters, and Be Our Guest, and he says giving speeches and presentations is not his strongest talent, but truly believes stepping outside your comfort zone is important for growth and success. 

To learn more about the Hansen Plastics Corporation and its unique Value Stream Process, visit the company’s website or contact them online.

To learn more about MAPP, you can also visit their website. Be sure to read more about the benefits of membership, upcoming conferences, and what you can expect.

About the Hansen Plastics Corporation: Hansen Plastics Corporation, known among employee-owners as simply HPC, has been providing amazing injection molding services and products to their clients for well over four decades. The company is 100% employee-owned, and the belief that happy employees make a successful company is the epitome of the workday in the state-of-the-art facility in Elgin, IL.