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Hansen Plastics Quality Systems
Quality is not only a critical component to Hansen Plastics' business model, it is an attitude amongst all our employee owners. HPC's ISO 9001:2008 system is built around the goal of exceeding our customer's expectations. The flexibility of our quality systems helps achieve each customer's unique requirement. Controlling the process through data acquisition is of the utmost importance, while striving for zero defects is our goal by engineering to perfection.
At HPC, we utilize:
  • VisionXtreme CMM / VMM
  • Precision digital drop indicators
  • Statistical process control looped into HPC business systems
  • Decoupled molding cavity pressure transducer instrumentation
HPC is not just a plastic injection molder, but a design, development, and manufacturing company dedicated to the success of our employee owners and customer base. In a world where speed-to-market, innovation, efficiencies in manufacturing to reduce cost, and statistical process controls are the norm, we will continue to bring more value, modernization, and scientific molding technology to our business and our customers.
Technologies Utilized
HPC invests in the finest technology the industry has to offer. From molding machinery to auxiliary equipment, software monitoring equipment and ERP systems, we stay on top of technology and industry trends. Our ongoing commitment to technology and lean manufacturing discipline helps us to succeed in a global market and compete with the economic challenges.
ERP System
Every Hansen Plastics machine is wired with real-time process control equipment and fully integrated with our ERP system. Every facet of the manufacturing process a ‘click’ away and allowing us to respond to customer's needs in seconds.
IQMS Software
Hansen Plastics utilizes the IQMS Enterprise IQ ERP plastics software to address and leverage the demanding standards for on-time delivery, order accuracy, quality, and pricing. This single source solution contributes to our lean manufacturing management philosophy.
ISO Certificate
To download HPC's ISO Certificate, please click here.
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