injection molding food products

September 14, 2022

What You Might Not Know About Injection Molding Food Products

Food-grade plastic injection molding is a process for creating different types of products used to handle food and drinks. This includes products like water jugs and Tupperware. There are several things you may not know about injection molding food products. Read on to find out more.

The Majority of Well Known Food Product Containers are Injection Molded

Most people are not aware that the most popular plastic products used to hold food before you consume it are made using plastic injection molding. The reason most manufacturers choose to use injection molded plastics is that they are highly adaptable and convenient. Apart from the food industry, a lot of other industries also use injection molded plastics. This includes medical, life sciences, automotive, electronics, and industrial.

Injection Molding is Fast and Easy to Repeat

One of the reasons why injection molding food products are quite popular is that the process used to make them is highly repeatable and reliable for high-volume production. Once the initial part is produced, all the following parts will be practically identical to the first. This is because the process uses multi-cavity injection mold parts. In today’s world, speed plays a major role when it comes to business decisions. Another reason why plastic injection molding food products are so popular is that custom moldings can be made at a very fast pace. Even the most complex molds usually take less than half a minute between cycles.

Injection Molding Process Produces Virtually No Waste

According to GM Insights, the market size for injection molded plastics for use in the food industry and other industries is expected to exceed over 385 billion USD by 2027. One of the reasons why manufacturers prefer injection molding for plastics is that the process produces virtually no waste. To make each product, only the necessary amount of plastic is used. The remaining plastic is cut up and recycled to be used again. This minimizes waste and makes this process very environmentally friendly.

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