automotive plastic components

October 21, 2022

What You Should Know About Automotive Plastic Parts and Fuel Efficiency

Automotive plastic components are used on a wide range of vehicles. There are some clear advantages to car manufacturers using automotive plastic parts. Manufacturers know the value of these parts, and commuters should also know. Here are three reasons why automotive plastic parts are used on vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the main reasons auto manufacturers started using plastic parts instead of metal or fiberglass was to keep up with fuel efficiency regulations. Plastic is about 30% lighter than fiberglass parts, according to the American Plastics Association. The lighter the parts on a vehicle the more fuel efficiency can be expected.

The lighter the vehicle, the more miles per gallon the vehicle will get. This is an important fact for commuters to remember when they are looking for a new vehicle. Plastic parts can get you better mileage. Every bit of weight counts when it comes to fuel economy. Making vehicles lighter can make them far more fuel efficient. Lighter vehicles use less fuel which, of course, is good for your wallet and it is good for the planet.

Easier To Replace

Replacing fiberglass or metal parts on a vehicle can be a huge headache, and it can be expensive. Plastic parts are more readily available and they are cheaper and easier to replace. This is good news for the commuters. Driving back and forth every day can mean an increased risk of potential damage to your vehicle. Road debris and other drivers can always pose a risk to your vehicle. When you are commuting five days a week, that risk is greatly increased.

Better Design Features

Plastic parts can help designers to get creative with vehicle designs. Plastic automotive parts are easier to work with and mold compared to fiberglass and other materials. This moldability allows vehicle designers to come up with innovative design solutions.

Plastic auto parts have been around for a while, and today they are being used more than ever. They provide both commuters and manufacturers with easy solutions, increased fuel economy, and ensure that damage can be easily repaired. If you’re in the automotive industry and you’re looking for affordable automotive plastic components, contact Hansen Plastics today!